Get Your Sites Indexed Within Minutes

Did you know that Twitter helps your websites, blog posts or articles get indexed in a matter of seconds?

Here’s what Pro’s say:

I was surprised with the results of this quick little experiment.
GoogleBot averaged its first visit within 78 seconds of the first tweet.

SEOmoz, August 4, 2010

I never really knew what to expect with the Twitter test – but I did expect it to be indexed – just not so quickly.

Dan Taylor, January 21, 2011

Still don’t beleive?

Look How Twitter Helps A Brand New Site Get Indexed By Google In 4 Minutes!

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You need to be taking advantage of this!

There are many tools that automatically post your articles or posts directly to your Twitter account.

twindeXator is the only tool that posts your links into unlimited number of Twitter accounts!

The benefits don’t stop there…

With twindeXator, you don’t need to buy separate software licenses for each of your sites and blogs.
You don’t even need to install and set plug-ins on each of your websites and blogs separately.
And you don’t need to buy expensive proxy service anymore.

twindeXator aggregates RSS-feeds from all of your sites into one place – and then posts them in a centralized way.

One account of twindeXator – for all your sites!

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What twindeXator Exactly Does?

twindeXator on Vimeo This video on Vimeo • twindeXator on  YouTube This video on YouTube • Download this video Download this video

How It Works?

  • Runs on our servers
  • Grabs RSS-feeds from all your sites, takes single posts and any lists of links
  • Send links on these posts and articles to an unlimited number of Twitter accounts – and gets the posts/articles indexed instantly
  • Posts through in-built proxy and different URL-shorteners
  • New!! Modifies your tweets with Spintax populating language
  • Pings each tweet directly to many search engines and ping services

And for your Twitter accounts:

  • Retweets
  • Following functon

What else?

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Updates
  • Full-Function Trial for only $1 a day

You Need twindeXator If You Do…

  • Manage a Website or Blog
  • Run a News Site
  • Do Article Marketing
  • Operate a Satellite Network

Managing a Website or Blog?

twindeXator will force all your posts into SE indexes instantly!

Running a News Site?

twindeXator will force every single entry into SE indexes instantly!

Doing Article Marketing?

You’re probably fed up with not getting any link juice from your articles.
How many times have you posted, let’s say, 100 articles on different resources and find only 10 of them in SE? All that work and you only have 10 new backlinks.
This is a total waste of your resources.

Here’s a better tactic…

Grab the list of all your articles and load it into twindeXator.
All of them will appear in SE indexes instantly!
Now you have all 100 new backlinks.

Running a Satellite Network?

Are you using LFE or another tool to run your network of satellites?
If you are, you are creating thousands of new pages but, since the resources are of low authority; they are not being indexed. You’re lucky if you end up with a measly dozen backlinks.

Squeeze from your tools 100% of their potential!

Grab the list of all your satellites RSS feeds and load it into twindeXator.
twindeXator will force every single post from your satellites empire into SE indexes instantly!

Wanna Look Inside?

twindeXator on Vimeo This video on Vimeo • twindeXator on  YouTube This video on YouTube • Download this video Download this video


Read Some Testimonials

100% Indexing rate on feeds, 100% Indexing rate on quality links, 85% Indexing rate on DFB blasts.


This is a pretty great little tool overall, and as long as you use it intelligently, it can be a nearly hands-free indexing tool. The tasks I’ve scheduled have indexed my pages quickly as promised.


I subscribed to the service and so far it looks fucking amazing.

I also bought TweetAttacks (127 bucks) several weeks ago and it basically does the same thing… except that it’s way less complex and much more scalable. Not to mention that’s it’s completely different in shape (SaaS service vs software).

Of course it lacks a few features (mostly to grow followers on those accounts) but still, you should not only consider it as an “index mah links” tool. It can do a lot of stuff from what I see. This is next gen linkbuilding tactics.

It truely has never been easier to manipulate GGbot into crawling a page.

Really, the abilities are almost endless.



I’ve been dicking around with this for a week or so and it’s pretty handy.

It definitely gets stuff indexed fast and the developer seems really on top of building this into a beast, too. oh yes….


LinXFeed has already just made this tool a beast. I go on vacation for a week and come back to see the development has already come this far. LinXFeed was a pretty genius temporary (until it’s worked directly into the cpanel) solution to make the system more automated. It’s obvious the team is working hard on this tool and there is a bunch of good shit in the works.

Thinking about what it will be able to do in the future makes my balls tingle.

If you don’t get in on this now, your going to regret it later. This is going to be the premier indexing tool (if it’s not already).



I’m a believer. I just got a page on my website indexed in 20 minutes! It was probably a lot less, but I just set it and left.

For all of those out there who don’t think they’ll be tech savvy enough to use this, I’m pretty sure my dog could have set this up if he had imposable thumbs. This is incredibly easy to use, based online, and does what it claims. Just sexy.

Also the account provider is incredibly nice, and setup PERFECTLY done (and verified) accounts which I got within 10 minutes of ordering.

This is 2legit2quit.


Ok, so I’ve been playing with this for over a month now. All I can say is that it is a great indexing tool and it really works, but you have to work a little bit to see results.

As with other SEO tools, it’s not just a plug it and forget about it kind of tool. Just adding 500 twitter accounts into it and starting the spam won’t give you any results.

For the best results build some trust to the accounts by: cross following the accounts, following very popular accounts, tweeting simple tweets with no links, pinging the accounts rss feeds, mixing account names (@account) into the tweets.

Twindexator is a new idea of indexing backlinks by using twitter accounts. System has its own private proxies and the only thing You need is twitter accounts that You can buy bulk.
The setup is totally simple. Take Your backlinks and put them into one of modes – scheduled posting or 1 time posting hit play and let it run.
The other great thing is – You can let Twindexator automatically create own content for tweets so You will not waste any time doing that [especially if You put there 5k profiles from Xrumer Blast]. Google visits twitter all the time, and even tho the links there are nofollow they… get indexed very fast! Just 2 tweets per Your url and the backlink is indexed in google! All the indexing magic can happen from 2 minutes to 24h not longer with totally fresh and empty twitter accounts.

Let me first start off by saying I am generally a believer in the best way to get your sites indexed is by pinging them and just having good quality posts that Google (and other search engines) want to crawl. I decided to give twindeXator a shot though. By far the best thing I have ever had the pleasure to use when it comes to indexing.

I’ll also admit I am not the brightest bulb in the box and sometimes can have difficulty with products that I am not used to working with. While twindeXator does provide you with information to help you walk through the setup process I didn’t even use it. I’d also like to point out they have a great client forum that covers every question you may have, and the response time to questions that aren’t answered is lightning fast. Everything in the client area is easy to find and marked.

Once I got my Twitter accounts setup which you can get from an incredible provider (named once you become a member) I set it up and went out to go get some lunch. I came back 20 minutes later and the page I was attempting to get indexed…was!

While I noticed the page was indexed 20 minutes later, I can easily see it being indexed within 5 minutes of twindeXator finishing up the task. This is a sexy tool that’s based online. No matter what your operating system is as long as you have Paypal and 10 minutes to set it up then you should give it a shot.
Twindexator is a fully “hands free” solution, that even uses thousands of custom proxy to post to twitter without killing your accounts.
You can fill in your feeds, your links and tweets, and voila ! It handles the rest for you.

What else?

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Updates
  • Full-Function Trial for only $1 a day

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Try Full-Function Trial for only $1 a day

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